Nothing without intention…

William Eguienta is a French director and cinematographer, born in Paris in 1986.
Starting working at 20 in the VFX industry as a compositing artist, he studied (and still) a lot on the psychological aspect of framing and storytelling in parallel.

Passionate in drama storytelling, he did multiple personal projects and short award-winning films, in French and international festivals, like « Until the End« , played worldwide in over 40 Film Festivals and won a Best Short award. His latest short film, « ICY », is actually in production at dothefilm.

In the meantime, advertisers and agencies entrust him with creating stunning visuals for famous brands and organizations such as L’Oreal, Guerlain, Nestlé, Ford, France TV studios, Universal Music, Twitch…

Some reasons why companies choose me

A good film starts with a good script. I can write a screenplay and create the ideal cinematography to effectively tell your story.

Knowledge of battlefield
Being creative is not everything. With more than 15 years in industry, both on set and in post-production, I can drive any type of project to a stong final release
Unusual grey matter
No copycat, no AI, no fanboy. I work hard to built my own way to tell a story, no matter the release medium.

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